Alexandra Guesthouse


Casa Alexandra is a rustic guesthouse, whose windows open onto a beautiful view over the village, towards the river and the hills, covered in pastures and fir trees.

The guesthouse offers you the opportunity to hike and cycle, or take a ride in a horse-pulled cart to discover the area. Lunca Ilvei is a commune lying on the borderline between Transylvania and Bucovina, in a mountainous region of average altitude. The remarkable natural environment, with particularly picturesque and refreshing views, is the main attraction. The rural households dot the gentle hill sides, overlooked by volcanic hummocks. The shadowy coniferous forests, home to a rich and diverse fauna, alternate with pastures and meadows, covered by a multicoloured floral carpet in the summer.

This picture of beauty is completed by the locals’ exquisite hospitality, the specific cuisine based on natural, locally made products, the well-kept folk traditions, as well as the activities specific to country life.


Adresa: Str. Grănicerilor, nr. 93 Lunca Ilvei, județ Bistrița-Năsăud
Telefon: +40 722 218 295, +40 264 525 513