RowmaniaFEST – International Rowboat Festival


At the end of every summer, Tulcea is animated by RowmaniaFEST – International Rowboat Festival, an event which, even since 2011, has contributed to the promotion of the tourist potential and of the natural and cultural attractions of the region through: open air sporting competitions, debates on local development subjects, exhibitions, film projections, live concerts, crafts fairs and projects, as well as many other cultural activities.

The moment coincides with the arrival in Tulcea of the TID tour (Tour International Danubien), an over 60-year-old tradition, consisting in going downstream on the river from its springs to its mouth, by a convoy of about 100 kayaks. The journey, which exceeds 2,500 km on water, lasts over two months, and the participants are usually daring sportsmen from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Serbia, Ukraine and Romania.

In 2013, the Festival added a high-level competitional component: the Tulcea lap, part of the National International Triathlon Championship and ETU – European Triathlon Cup for juniors.

The main goal of the festival activities is to explain and promote the ecotourism concept, so that the Danube Delta may become the greatest ecotourism destination in Europe. Also, RowmaniaFest undertakes to reinforce Tulcea city’s profile, a gate to the Danube and a tourism destination in itself. You can find more information on this event here.


Address: faleza din Tulcea
Organizer: Asociația Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23
Date: 31 August – 02 September
Type of event: Sports event




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