Danube Delta Wildlife Photo Tour

Fotografie de natură în Delta Dunării


Duration: 4 days / 3 nights – PRO group

Day 1: We meet up in Port Aval – Tulcea, at 15:00. We will travel to Mila 23 village, check in at the guesthouse, then hold a short technical meeting where we discuss our route, give you some information about the Danube Delta and the characteristics of nature photography, boating rules and behavior in a natural reserve.

The host will delight you with a traditional fish based dinner.

The trip to Mila 23 follows a very beautiful route, full of photographic subjects; twilight is the perfect time of day for the trip to Mila 23. We will not travel on the Danube, but on small canals and wild lakes, constantly looking for new subjects to photograph.

Days 2-3: Our trip into the Danube Delta will begin early in the morning, before sunrise, to catch its magic light and birds that begin to feed. After the sunrise photo shoot, we will return to the guesthouse for breakfast. After breakfast, we will go out on the water again, for our day tour. We will start looking for photographic subjects around Mila 23 village; the trip will be planned according to water levels and current information about bird groups in the area. We will travel to different places in the Danube Delta, deciding the routes on a day to day basis, depending on weather conditions, water levels and on-site information.

Of course we will not neglect the mammals, we will always seek to find the playful otters, the cautious wild boars, the elegant deer, the funny muskrats or the beautiful raccoon dogs.

Day 4: After a relaxed breakfast (9:00 am), this time without sunrise photo shoot, we will backtrack our steps to Tulcea, but in the morning, which give us the best light for this route.



Website: www.discoverdanubedelta.com
Tour Provider: Discover Danube Delta
About the tour provider: We are a team of enthusiasts who try our best to show the world the beautiful side of the Danube Delta through our eyes, wild, mysterious, bursting with life, peaceful and restless altogether. We have accommodation solutions in almost the entire Delta, from small houses (rural guesthouses), up to 4-star hotels, where you will feel wonderful and you will return home full of beautiful memories.
Date: 20 April – 05 October




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