Tuberose Festival


The Tuberose Festival takes place in the courtyard of the Evangelical Church of Hoghilag. Historically attested in 1446, the church closed after the massive exodus of the Saxons from the area, but it has been reintroduced into the special tourism circuit for this event. The Tuberose Festival provides access to tourists to the 30 households where the villagers grow tuberoses. This is possible just once a year, during these two days, in the month of August. During this event, you can get to know the first Saxon community of tuberose growers in Romania, who had brought and cultivated them, as early as the Middle Ages, in Hoghilag (or Halvelagen) commune, located just 16 km from Sighișoara.

The tuberoses (Polyanthus lily) only flower once every three years, and they represent a symbol of sensuality. The tuberose essence is used in the perfume and cosmetic industry for its antifungal, antimicrobial and regenerating properties. Amongst the experiences you can enjoy during this event, there are guided tours of the locals’ gardens, perfume workshops, flower cooking, floral weaving and floral jewellery, but also music events and many children’s activities. There will be no shortage of wine tasting and traditional meals cooked with flowers, and walks between the stands with crafts and traditional products. 


Address: Hoghilag, Sibiu county
Organized by: Hoghilag Town Hall
Date: 1-2 August
Type of event: Cultural event



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