Très Court Film Festival visits the Transylvanian Highlands


Transylvanian Highlands ecotourism destination invites you to a new cultural festival that takes place simultaneously across the world – on 5 continents, in over 30 countries and over 90 locations. The festival offers a selection of very short films from all over the world and a second national selection of Romanian films. The films are no longer than 3 minutes –  this is actually the only rule of the festival. All genres are present: fiction, documentary, animation, experimental film, etc. Amateurs or professionals, beginners or celebrities, classics or innovators, the directors of these very short films come from all over the world. The French Institute in Cluj-Napoca is the coordinator of the Très Court Festival in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova. For more information about the festival, visit In the Transylvanian Highlands, the festival will take place in several locations that are to be announced. 


Address: 25 Hermann Oberth Square, Sighișoara, Mureș county
Organized by: Mioritics Association
Date: 14-16 June
Type of event: Cultural event



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