The Run of the Lole Festival


On the last Sunday of January, Agnita hosts a legendary celebration. In medieval times, when the fortress was besieged by the Turks, a brave heroine, Ursula, saved the town with a clever disguise. Dressed in a fearsome costume, Ursula emerged from the fortress, cracking her whip and making deafening noises that scared the Turks away. Today, this story is transformed into a spectacle that brings the whole community together at the Lolele Run. In the 17th-18th centuries, Lolelor custom was closely linked to the handing over of the guild chest to the new starter.

Lelele used to protect the neighbour’s coffers, and today they open the parade together with the head of the guild of cobblers. The tailors’, furriers’ and dogears’ guilds parade, showing the audience their traditional crafts, items and specific characters. The parade ends with the Transylvanian anthem, and then the lole run through the streets, chasing away evil spirits with cracks of whips and clanging of pipes. Reward for bravery – If you recognise the lole, prepare for a sweet surprise! Each lolla gives you a doughnut as a reward for bravery in meeting them.


Address: Agnita, Sibiu county
Organized by: Breasla Lolelor Agnita
Date: 26 January
Type of event: Cultural event



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