The Run of the Lole Festival


According to legend, the custom has its roots in the Middle Ages. When the Tartar invaders sieged the burg of Agnita, a young girl disguised herself in a scary costume and chased the Tartars away by frightening them with the deafening cracks of her whip. Today, the custom takes the form of a parade opened by the leader of the shoemakers’ guild accompanied by two children symbolizing guardian angels. Then come the tailors’ guild, the furriers’ guild and the coopers’ guild, each showing the public their traditional crafts through specific elements and characters.

The Lole are scary, masked characters, wrapped in costumes made of black rags, wearing a painted mask hiding the person’s face, and devilish braided pigtails made of hemp. These mystical creatures run the streets in groups to chase away evil spirits, and perform their ritual by making a terrible noise with the bells strapped around their waists, and cracking their Saxon whips, made of artfully woven leather.


Address: Agnita, Sibiu county
Organized by: Breasla Lolelor Agnita
Date: 26 January
Type of event: Cultural event



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