The hiking trail network in Țara Hațegului – Retezat


The massifs watching over Țara Hațegului have a rich network of marked tourist trails. Amongst these, Retezat stands out with a dense and well-kept network, ensuring access to all the important attractions of the mountain. What is really special is the unique glacial relief of the Romanian Carpathians, with more than 20 peaks exceeding 2,000 meters in altitude, numerous glacial lakes, amongst which are the widest (Bucura) and the deepest (Zănoaga). Added to all this are over one third of the plant species in Romania which can be found here (1,190), 90 out of which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

Before setting off on the trails, it is important to gather information on their condition, because some of them may be temporarily closed or impracticable, or even ask for a local guide.



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