The Day of the Volcanoes

Ziua Vulcanilor


The Day of the Volcanoes is the major educational event of the Țara Hațegului – International UNESCO Geopark, designed to explain the importance of volcanoes and the role they play in the evolution of the Earth. It has a fixed date, 24th August, chosen because in the year 79 A.D., the Vesuvius volcano erupted, destroying the ancient cities of Pompei and Herculaneum. But beneath the thick layer of lava and volcanic ash, archaeologists have been able to discover and reconstitute important aspects of the daily life of the ancient world.

Through games and experiments, the participants learn a lot of interesting facts about this UNESCO geopark, but also about geology and biodiversity. A wide variety of booths with games, crafts, face painting, treasure hunts, lava volcanoes and painting workshops or dinosaurs board games are just a few of the activities promoting three protected areas nearby: two UNESCO sites – the Dinosaurs’ Geopark – Țara Hațegului and Retezat National Park – Biosphere Reserve, as well as Gădiștea Muncelului Natural Park – Cioclovina. Moreover, the young ones will learn about the recommended conduct in a protected area, as part of the strategy to reduce the negative impact caused by visitors.


Organized by: Țara Hațegului – International UNESCO Geopark
Date: 24 August
Type of event: Cultural event




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