Retezat Marathon


Retezat Marathon is the mountain running race which takes place on the paths of Retezat National Park (following the existing tourist trails) and which mountain runners eagerly await each year. This sporting event is for both professional athletes and trail running enthusiasts alike and, of course, for those willing to witness the beauty of Retezat in one day, part of an organized event.

There are three technical races one can participate in:

  •       38 km marathon race;
  •       24 km half marathon race;
  •       14 km cross race.

The trails are loop-shaped, their starting point is Râușor, and the common point of these three races is the Retezat Peak.
Retezat Marathon is organized by Asociația L.I.B.R.A. Natura in Timisoara, with the support of Râu de Mori Town Hall, the Public Mountain Rescue Service and the Mountain Police in Hunedoara.


Address: Râușor resort, Râu de Mori commune, Hunedoara county
Organizer:  CLIF ALPIN Râușor – Casa bunicii Retezat
Date: 10th August 2024
Type of event: Sporting event



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