Poieni Cycling Route


Trail: Sarmizegetusa – Poieni – Valea Criva – Densuș – Peșteana – Breazova – Sarmizegetusa

From Sarmizegetusa village centre you start cycling towards Caransebes (opposite to Hațeg). Just at the exit from the village turn right onto a gravel road. Keep going straight ahead on it, while passing other roads coming from the right and from the left. Not long after this the road enters in the forest and begins to climb. In the forest there will be even more crossroads, but you always have to follow the most visible used route, or the road with the deepest tracks. Continue climbing until you reach a large clearing where the road branches into several directions. You need to follow the road to the right that continues through the clearing, it enters in the forest and then begins to slowly descend. The road continues through a dense forest being less visible on a few segments; you might also find fallen trees on the road, while on the second part of the descent the road will turn into a footpath. At the exit from the forest you will have already seen down in the valley the first households in Poieni. Here the road disappears completely, so you will have to use one of the many paths used by animals in order to reach the valley. Once down, continue to the first crossroads and turn right on the asphalt road. Follow the asphalt road to Ștei, and there turn right towards Densuş. From place to place you will see information boards about site geology and especially about volcanoes that were in this area, more than 65 million years ago. In the centre of Densuş you can visit the medieval church.


Length: 29.1 km
Difficulty: medium
Trail type: cycling tourism
Time: 4 h
Altitude difference: ca. 300 m
Surface: paved road, gravel road, dirt road, trail




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