Long distance wilderness hiking trail


Little covered by hikers, the area is excellent for those brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and who don’t shy away from challenges. To forget daily life for a few days is a tremendous challenge, but here it means a lot more!

Be ready for five or six days of demanding hiking where you will be crossing the Retezat Mountains all the way to the Danube Gorge, you will be admiring rural landscapes typical of the Carpathian Mountains and understand the tight connection between man and nature. With a little luck, at night you will be able to admire the sea of stars flooding the sky and you will be listening to the insect sounds in the hay meadows nearby in one of the most beautiful concerts of nature. The network of trails is badly developed but with a good map and compass or a GPS you can find your bearings. Ski touring can also be experienced here in winter.

We recommend that you use a local guide in order to have a complete experience.


Date: 01 July – 01 January
Length: 112.5 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Trail type: Hiking




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