Educational Programmes at Casa Vulcanilor (House of Volcanoes)

Programe educaționale la Casa Vulcanilor


Casa Vulcanilor is the place where you can learn interesting things about the volcanoes which were towering above Insula Hațegului 70 million years ago, and whose traces are still present nowadays in Densuș commune. Made out of cob, which is basically a mixture of yellow clay, straw and water, this house tells the story of the Earth, adapted to the geological story of Țara Hațegului.
Once you have arrived at Casa Vulcanilor, you will discover a new and fascinating world. You will learn about the formation of the Earth, the volcanic eruption, the traces of a vanished sea, dinosaur fossils, ancient and present-day flora and, last but not least, you will experience a dialogue with nature.

For those willing to discover Țara Hațegului’s tales and history, the educational programmes represent a complete learning experience for the children and adults alike, using edutainment and experiments.
The experience in Casa Vulcanilor can be either a simple visit, or themed educational programmes, like:

  •   Dinosaurs and their friends;
  •   Explorers amidst volcanoes and dinosaurs;
  •   Volcanoes, Dinosaurs and the Vanished Sea.

The visits and activities must always be scheduled. 


Activity organized by: Drag de Hațeg Association




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