Dinosaur Valley Themed Trail

Traseul Tematic Valea Dinozaurilor


Dinosaur Valley Themed Trail is located on Sibișel river valley, between Sânpetru village, famous for its medieval church, and the traditional villages Sibișel and Ohaba. It is here that the fossilized remains of dwarf dinosaurs have been found in Transylvania. In these geo-sites, the teams of researchers have discovered many dinosaur fossils, but other species also, like crocodile or tortoise. The trail starts in Sânpetru village centre, near the Dwarf Dinosaurs’ House and the House of Traditions, follows the asphalt road, passing by the medieval church and two geological sites, then through the granite fields. From the outskirts of Ohaba-Sibișel village, where asphalt ends, you take the forestry road up to the House of Stones.

Tourists arriving in Țara Hațegului Dinosaur Geopark will be able to discover the area following the footsteps of the dwarf dinosaurs. The project, initiated by Geomedia Association, envisages the restoration of the themed footpath entitled “Dinosaurs’ Valley”, held to be one of the most beautiful 7 themed trails in Romania. The trail is 8 km long, between Sânpetru – Ohaba-Sibișel – Nucșoara, and tourists will be able to cover it on foot, by bicycle and, partially, by car. The visitors will be able to walk across the places where, about 120 years ago, Ilona Nopcsa, the sister of the first Țara Hațegului dinosaur researcher, Franz Nopcsa, discovered the first dinosaur fossils. But, passing by, the tourists could also visit the “Dwarf Dinosaurs House”, the “House of Traditions” and Retezat National Park Visitor Centre in Nucșoara. They will be able to admire the Church in Sânpetru village, the granite fields, stunning landscapes, specific habitats, local architecture, and they will learn how people used to harvest the natural resources by visiting the Museum of Folk Technology in Peștera village.

  • Casa Dinozaurilor Pitici (Dwarf Dinosaurs’ House)
  • Casa Tradițiilor (House of Traditions)
  • Sânpetru Church
  • Granite Fields
  • granite fences
  • water mill
  • whirlpool
  • House of Stones.


Length: 10 km
Difficulty: easy
Trail type: themed
Duration: 4 hours
Level difference: 200 m
Surface type: asphalt, forestry road
Particularities: no




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