Cepașului Ridge Cycling Route


Trail route: Sarmizegetusa – Păucinești – Cepașului Ridge – Hobiței Valley forestry road – Hobița – Grădiște – Sarmizegetusa

From Sarmizegetusa village centre you start cycling towards Caransebeș (opposite to Hațeg) and then turn slightly left on a cobblestone paved road, near the end of the village. Keep going on this road that leaves on the left the Zamolxe guesthouse. From here, go straight ahead for about one kilometre until you enter in a small forest, and then turn left onto a road that will take you up on the rounded ridge of the hill. From here you can see just in front the meandering road climbing up and then disappears in the forest. From here on you need to follow the most frequented road until you exit the forest in the mountain pastures. Once arrived here, we can climb to the peak from the left on which an antenna is set. Once up, we can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Haţeg Depression, Poiana Ruscă Mountains and Retezat Massif. We enjoy a beautiful descent back to the point where we exit the forest and we keep going straight ahead, climbing easily, and leaving on the right the road on which we climbed from the valley. Then follow a few serpentines and immediately reach a crossroads where we follow the road to the left. Firstly, the road ascends and then descends to the valley. From here, you simply have to go along the valley for a few kilometres until you reach Hobiţa-Grădiște. Continue on an asphalt road to Sarmizegetusa.


Length: 27 km
Difficulty: difficult
Trail type: cycling tourism
Time: 4 h
Altitude difference: ca. 970 m
Surface: asphalt road, gravel road, dirt road




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