Tăul Fără Fund (Bottomless Lake) themed trail

Traseul tematic Tăul fără fund


The Tăul Fără Fund themed trail connects Peșteana village with the botanical reserve known as Mlaștina de la Peșteana or Tăul Fără Fund. The trail begins in the Reformed Church area, near the bridge. When exiting the village, there is a geological viewpoint, proof of the times when this place was under water. The footpath turns to the left, following the pastures full of butterflies (in the summer), then slightly up until it reaches the small dwarf birch forest. From there, you can climb the hill to see the Hațeg valley and the Retezat mountains.

If you lend your ear to the villagers in Peșteana, you will learn that close to their village is Tăul Fără Fund, a ’bottomless’ bog which communicates with the Ocean and where Satan gets cattle stuck. It is worth the trip, because the very story of this place is interesting. Even if you will not find a muddy bog, as you may imagine, you will discover a place that is home to carnivorous plants.

Do not imagine that carnivorous plants have giant tentacles and catch living things. They are just mere `fly traps`, no more than a few centimeters above the ground. Their leaves produce a sticky substance, and the small, outwitted insects get stuck in the plant’s hairs.

  • geologic point
  • butterflies
  • Tăul Fără Fund with Drosera rotundifolia carnivorous plants
  • viewpoint


Length: 1.2 km
Difficulty: average
Trail type: themed
Duration: 40 min
Level difference: 100 m
Surface type: footpath
Particularities: no




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