World Cup sled on the natural track


World-class sporting competition that brings together the best athlets in the world from countries with tradition in this sport, such as Austria, Italy, Russia, and more!

The World Sledding Championship in the Țara Dornelor takes place on the Bucovina slope, the only one in Eastern Europe that is internationally approved, with over 1,000 cubic meters of ice. The competition is all the more important since, in 2017, here was held the first World Senior Championship in Romania for winter sports. The beauty for the viewers is the discovery of a new sport, practiced at a professional level. In addition, for the participants in the event, the organizers organize shows and parties where fun is guaranteed.

Of all the countries in Eastern Europe, Romania is the only one organizing such an event, and the World Cup Sled is one of the most important competitions hosted by our country in winter sports. On the sledding track Bucovina competes over 60 athletes from 13 countries for the singles, men’s and women’s singles.


Address: Vatra Dornei, pârtia Bucovina
Organized by: Romanian Federation of Bob and Sled, International Federation of Sled, Winter Sports Club Vatra Dornei, City Hall and Vatra Dornei Local Council
Date: 17-19 January
Event type: Sports event




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