Unde-i Ursul? – Marathon MTB


MTB Marathon Unde-i Ursul?  (Where’s the Bear?) is a cycling competition (MTB) that will have the start and finish at the Gigi Ursu Chalet in Vatra Dornei. The organizers have prepared 2 different routes of about 30 and 50 km called Ursul Mic (Little Bear) and Ursul Mare (Big Bear).

The time limit for traveling the Ursul Mare (Big Bear) route is 7 hours and is addressed to people who have interacted with such competitions and have a very good physical training. The route covers both specially landscaped areas, and grass hills, forest roads, village paths.

The Ursul mic (Little Bear) route can be completed in 4 hours and is intended for MTB enthusiasts with good physical condition and who like to enjoy both the sporting experience and the absolutely gorgeous scenery of the area.


Address: Gigi Ursu Chalet
Website: unde-i-ursul.ro
Organized by: Echitart Association,  Gigi Ursu Chalet and Vatra Dornei Mountain Rescue Team
Date: 11 July
Type of event: Sports event




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