Călimani National Park Day

Ziua Parcului Național Călimani


Every year, on Călimani National Park Day, tourists of all ages, the partner institutions of the park administration and representatives of public, cultural and educational institutions, local producers and renowned artisans enjoy good food and outdoor educational activities. As part of the event, mountain rangers and military firemen showcase their specific equipment, which is needed to fulfil their missions like escalating, searching for missing tourists or for those covered in snow during avalanches, first aid techniques, orientation (map, compass, GPS). 

The members of Vatra Dornei Mountain Rescue Service provide information about tourist orientation on mountain trails, explaining to participants orientation with a map and a compass, but also the necessity to activate the GPS on their phones and to keep in touch with the Mountain Rescue Service when they hike on unknown trails.

Accompanied by a ranger, those properly equipped may discover hiking trails and may find out amazing things about the local legends and myths, about the Călimani National Park flora, fauna and habitats.

Artisan workshops are also organized during this event, where one can learn how to stitch a traditional shirt called “ie” or how to carve various traditional motifs in wood. They can also visit an 80-year old traditional house, where they can look in awe at the objects used by our forefathers in their everyday lives. 


Date: June 15
Website: calimani.ro
Address: Șaru Dornei no. 54C, at the headquarters of the Visitation Center of the Călimani National Park
Organized by: The Administration of the Călimani National Park together with the Dornelor Country Ecotourism Association
Event type: Educational




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