Măcinului Mountains

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The maps in this collection are made taking into account the needs of those who enjoy nature by practicing activities with reduced impact, such as hiking, cycling, ski touring, etc. The maps have a high-quality standard: they are resistant to precipitation and wind, the routes are recorded with GPS, and the graphics and pattern are of the highest quality. AER is partnering with Zenith Maps to create the Discover Eco-Romania ecotourism maps collection for promoting ecotourism destinations in Romania.

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The map is made by Zenithmaps in partnership with the Romanian Ecotourism Association. Zenith Maps invites you to discover new destinations with unique landscapes, people and customs, offering up-to-date and detailed information on activities, services and attractions in each area. The map covers the area of ​​Macin Mountains, Niculițel Hills and Pricopanului Peak. The map has a latitude-longitude grid from minute to minute to facilitate the identification of a GPS point on the map and ease in orientation using the compass. The shading and curves of level highlight the relief easing the orientation. The information is presented in Romanian and English in graphic and high quality conditions. The map is laminated two-sided, resistant to moisture and wear. The tourist routes are recorded with GPS.

On the back of the map area information is presented:

  • description of the area
  • natural goals
  • anthropic objectives
  • access to services
  • bird watching calendar
  • outdoor activities
  • calendar cultural events
  • sporting events calendar
  • visiting rules in protected natural areas


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