Vama Sării Festival


Vama Sării Festival is linked to historical traditions, having its origins in the rafting on Crișul Repede river. The name of the festival dates back to 13th – 15th century when the salt extracted from the Transylvanian salt mines and transported towards the Pannonian Basin was cleared for customs in the gorge. Every year the itinerary of the salt is recreated, and is reminiscent of the times when, at the customs point between Transylvania and the Ottoman Pashalik in Oradea, the pike men were keeping part of the salt brought by cart men in wagons or by rafters on the Criș river. The ruins of the ancient watchtower can still be seen at the outskirts of Vadu Crișului commune.

The event is a popular folk fair with folk shows, music concerts, cooking contests and many other surprises prepared, year after year, by its organizers.

For over 50 years, hundreds of locals, but also national and foreign tourists who love Bihor’s traditions, gather at Vadu Crișului.


Address: Vadu Crișului village, Bihor county
Organized by: Vadu Crișului Townhall and CJCPCT Bihor
Date: 01 – 02 June
Type of event: Cultural event



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