Easter Egg Festival


For more than 20 years, during Good Friday, the Easter Egg Festival has been taking place in Drăgoteni village, part of the Pădurea Craiului ecotourism destination. It is the oldest such festival in the country, even older than the one in Ciocănești, a village in the Țara Dornelor ecotourism destination famous for its festival. Year after year, women and children gather, just before Easter, to decorate the eggs that will be served for Easter. The traditional patterns are reminiscent of those on the Bihor county folk dress, as well as of various floral motifs. The pupils compete against each other, according to age categories, in the contests organized through this event: semantron drumming, religious songs, folk dress and artistic compositions (drawing and glass painting).

Address: Drăgoteni village, Bihor county
Organized by: Remetea Townhall
Date: 26 April
Type of event: Cultural event