“Dorel Codoban” Trumpet-Violin Festival


Dedicated to the memory of Dorel Codoban, the creator of this folk musical instrument, specific and unique in the land of Bihor, the “Dorel Codoban” Trumpet-Violin Festival is a competition dedicated to those carrying forward the musical tradition of this instrument. The purpose of this event is to showcase and to promote the unmistakable sound, unique in the country and in the world, of the trumpet-violin. In the meantime, it is a good opportunity for folk music and dance lovers to abandon themselves to their passion, irrespective of their age.

Address: Între Râuri plateau, on the outskirts of Roşia village, Bihor county
Organized by: Roşia Townhall and CJCPCT Bihor
Date: 12 – 18 August
Type of event: Cultural event