Carpatia-Express Hotel Train


An original means of accommodation for the railway enthusiasts, or for those keen on experiencing a very special adventure. The set of cars consists of a steam-powered locomotive, a restaurant car and two sleeping cars.

Besides the authentic charm of the sleeping cars, “Carpatia Express” offers 20 sleeping compartments fitted with everything that you need for your comfort. A compartment has two sleeping places. In exceptional cases, for a family with an infant, a third bed can be installed. In the morning, the guests are only 50 meters away from the departure place of the Mocănița train towards the Vaserului Valley. The restaurant car part of “Carpatia Express” is also open for people without accommodation on the train. Still, a reservation must be made in good time!

At the head of the train is a historical steam-powered locomotive, built in the plants in Reșița using a German model. This valuable “piece” has been fully restored and renovated in Vișeu de Sus.


Address: Cerbului Street, No. 5, RO-435700
Viseu de Sus, Maramureș, Romania
Phone: 0372 672 480 (orele 10:00-17:00)
Host: CFF Vișeu