Hanu lu’ Cobala


Impressed by the beauty of these places, the pure and ozonated mountain air, the owners decided in 2012 to build the agro-pension “Hanu ‘Lu’ Cobala” on the right side of Râuşor, a tributary of Cosăului river, at an elevation of 900m.

The wooden construction, with elements typical to the traditional architecture of Maramures, has rooms decorated in traditional style, and boasts dishes served in its own restaurant, using local ingredients; add to these the hospitality of Maramures, and you will find just as many reasons to stop at the inn for at least a weekend or even a full holiday, in an oasis of peace and a mountain setting that ensures a beautiful view.

The pension is located in Pasul Neteda, at a distance of only 7km from the ski slopes of Cavic – the pension is a good option for winter sports lovers. Here is a good place to start exploring the surroundings; lovers of hiking will find in the ecotourism destination of Eco Maramureș many mountain trails and marked cycling trails. The villages in the area, real open-air museums, with traditional architecture, with the famous Maramures gates and wooden churches, with the traditions and customs preserved with sanctity, are real tourist attractions that are worth exploring on foot.

“Hanu ‘Lu’ Cobala” has its own restaurant with a capacity of 80 seats, next to a terrace with 40 seats, offering traditional food from the Maramures cuisine.

The trout farm, with pools filled with clear mountain waters, is an additional guarantee that the restaurant will always serve you fresh fish, cooked according to local tradition, along with a steaming polenta. “Hribele” the most delicious forest mushrooms, which grow in abundance in the surrounding forests, are another delicacy that you can enjoy at Hanu` Lu` Cobala.


Address: 266i Budești village, Maramureș county
Phone: +40 749 859 611/ +40 742 497 049
Email: hanulucobala@gmail.com
Website: www.hanulucobala.ro




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