Casa din Vale


The experience of spending the night in a traditional Maramures house is unique!

Tourists can choose to stay in a wonderful village, Breb, located at the foot of the Gutâi Mountains and easily reconnect to nature and discover the fascinating heritage of the forerunners of these lands.

Traditional houses, unique in their own way, some of which were built 90 years ago (others newer, but with the same charm), carefully restored by skilled craftsmen, provide all the comfort needed to spend a full vacation or a few days of rest in Maramures.

  • Casa din Vale is the first house that was brought from another part of the village and rebuilt here with great care for the details. It has two rooms in the attic, two single beds, a room on the ground floor with a double bed, a kitchenette and a bathroom. It can be rented in full.
  • Casa Faină, brought from 45 km away, offers accommodation for 4 people in two bedrooms. One bedroom has a double bed and the second has two single beds. It also has a kitchen, a bathroom and a recreation room. It can be rented in full.
  • Sura lui Costan was brought from outside the village and bears the name of its original builder. It can host 6 guests, it has two bathrooms, a dining area and a kitchen. It can be rented in full.
  • Casa Călina is the first house that was not moved and took the name of its former owner. It can host 5 guests in two rooms, a bathroom and a kitchenette. It can be rented in full.
  • Casa cu Dor is the smallest house on the property, but it is very comfortable. It has three guest rooms, a dining area, a small kitchen and a bathroom. It can be rented in full.

Children of all ages are welcome at Casa din Vale! Here you will find a wonderful environment for children. Nature, animals that graze freely on pastures, villagers who still practice old crafts and many other beauties that have long since disappeared from most of Europe.

Pets are also welcome (be sure to mention this prior to your arrival).


Address: 212 Breb village, Ocna Șugatag, Maramureș county
Phone: +40 733 436 656




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