Day 1: After arrival in Bucharest we transfer to our hotel in Amara, approximately 2 hours away.

Day 2: An early morning exploration of the nearby lakes will give us our first introduction to the wetland birdlife of Romania, with little bittern and ferruginous duck likely to be seen. After breakfast, we travel eastwards, stopping along the way to visit the Babadag forest, home to wild flowers including peony, lady orchid and monkey orchid among others. Finally we join our houseboat ‘Kingfisher’, our home for the next seven nights.

Day 3: Today we will have a leisurely cruise to Sfântu Gheorghe, one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the Danube Delta. We will keep our eyes peeled for the beautiful great black-headed gulls, a specialty of the area. After arriving in Sfântu Gheorghe in the early afternoon we will visit the village to see the local houses in the Ukrainian style.

Day 4: We explore the local area around Sfântu Gheorghe by small boat, including the sandy Sahalin Island, an important bird reserve, at the mouth of the Black Sea. After lunch, we will walk around the Sfântu Gheorghe area, where we will look for a variety of migrating waders, lesser grey shrike, bearded tit and eastern olivaceous warbler.

Day 5: After an early morning bird walk around Sfântu Gheorghe, we will have a leisurely day on the boat, travelling towards the Dunavăț channel, in the company of whiskered terns and egrets along the way.

Day 6: The day will be spent in the remote areas of Zătoane, Perișor and Holbina, along the Black Sea coast. Today will give us excellent opportunities for catching up with some of the shyer animals of the Delta: wild boar or even golden jackal will be looked for, as well as birds such as paddyfield warbler and other north-bound migrants.

Day 7: After breakfast, we transfer to the small boats for a trip to the lakes around the main channel. The reeds will be alive with the song of birds, including great reed, sedge and Savi’s warblers. After lunch back onboard, we travel on to Uzlina.