4 days / 3 nights

Day 1 – Meeting in Tulcea (at noon) at Port Aval – Tulcea, we put the kayaks on the water, load the luggage, sign the papers and start our water adventure.

We paddle downstream on the Danube to Mila 36 channel and from there we go through the marshland, NOT on the Danube. We’ll be on the Danube for 4-5 km. We go on Gârla Sireașa to Cot Candura (intersection with Șontea). We paddle slowly and take our time, occasionally stopping to stretch our legs. In the afternoon we will already be looking for a good place to camp and pitch our tents.

There will be a long half day of paddling, but we’ll try to not get muscle soreness or corns. If there are beginners in the group, we will put more emphasis on the development of your rowing technique; we have a very good instructor who will show you all you need to know.

Day 2 – We start the day at around 7:00 am, when we wake up and prepare breakfast (each their own). We take to the water again, carrying on with our adventure. Tonight we will reach Mila 23 village, where you’ll find shops to refresh your water and food stocks. We are paddling along channels, as far away as possible from motor boats ways, because we want to show you as much of the wilderness of these places as we can.

We stop for lunch in a picturesque place where we organize a fire so you can cook.

In the evening we camp near the village Mila 23, on high ground, in a great camping spot.

Day 3 – Today is the easiest day: we leave our tents in place close to the village and take a tour around Mila 23, along some very nice channels and lakes. The kayaks will be light since we’ll only be carrying our necessities for the day and prepare lunch in a nice place, in the middle of the wilderness. We return to camp in the evening for a campfire, a good dinner and some well deserved rest and fireside storytelling.

Day 4 – If you choose the transfer by public ship (Navrom), you have to wake up very early and have everything packed by 5:30 a.m., when we’ll take you across the Danube to catch the 6:00 a.m. public ship departing from Mila 23. If you choose our own transfer, then you can have a relaxed morning and we’ll all leave for Tulcea at 10.00 a.m.