The Festival is an annual, competitive, non-specialized event, organized by the Anonimul Foundation. The Festival has three competitive sections (feature competition, fiction shorts competition and animation shorts competition). There are also non-competitive sections in the program: International Panorama – feature films awarded in Film Festivals that year, homages, retrospectives, screenings of recent Romanian feature and short films, special screenings on ecology, global issues and special programs, public debates with film crews, film critics and special guests.

ANONIMUL (which translates to „Anonymous”) aims to create a different kind of film festival, one for independent films and young directors. It runs annually in August in Sfântu Gheorghe, a magical place in the Danube Delta where the Danube meets the Black Sea, a newly formed land that follows ancient customs. Sfântu Gheorghe village is an isolated location: far from one’s daily life and urban environment, it is accessible only by air or by water.