Casa dintre Sălcii Guesthouse


Casa dintre Sălcii Guesthouse is located on the right bank of Uzlina channel, being surrounded by water on three sides. The traditional appearance of the houses in the Danube Delta, painted in blue and white, served the hosts as model in decorating the guesthouse. The reed roof, painstakingly and carefully handcrafted by teams of local thatchers, is their greatest pride. Keeping ancient traditions alive, supporting the local community and protecting nature by practising responsible tourism are the goals of these people, who are totally dedicated to they do.

The vegetable garden and the orchard

The guesthouse has a beautiful, vegetable garden, absolutely necessary here, as it is so far away from any grocery shop. The many quince trees planted on the river bank produce enough fruit for the delicious jam served at breakfast.

The dining room can seat 40, and the terrace and the waterfront pavilion offer another 30 places.

The menu includes traditional fish, meat or vegetable dishes, according to the guests’ taste. Cooking takes place daily, like in a true household, and if you have eaten here, you will never forget to praise the desserts.


Address: Uzlina village, Murghiol, Tulcea county
Phone: +40 748 290 132 / +40 748 290 131




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