Doi Căpitani Guesthouse


If you are in search of a beautiful and cosy spot in the Danube Delta, where to enjoy the peace, the sun, the swimming pool and a good wine, Doi Căpitani Guesthouse is your best bet.

Doi Căpitani Guesthouse 4* is 40 km away from Tulcea, in Crișan commune, on the right bank of the Danube, amidst a labyrinth of channels, reeds and rushes, teeming with wildlife. As you make your way down to Sulina, a few minutes after you have passed the crossing with the Old Danube, you will find Doi Căpitani Guesthouse on the right. It is the ideal place for mini holidays with the family or with friends, special events, conferences and team building workshops.

Doi Căpitani is a family-run boutique hotel set in the unique natural beauty of the Danube Delta. Guests can relax by the pool or enjoy a boat ride in the wilderness of the Delta, try your luck at fishing on the beautiful channels or lakes, capture the stunning scenery and unique wildlife during a photo tour or experience local folklore or the traditional architecture of the fishing villages.


Address: Crișan 827106, jud. Tulcea



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