Villa Abbatis Riding Tour in Transylvania is a package of six horse riding tours; starting in Apoș village, Sibiu county, each tour reaches various traditional Saxon villages in the Transylvanian Highlands.

Each tour is 15-20 km long and takes about nine hours: five-six hours of horse riding and a three+hour break for lunch and enjoying cultural experiences (visiting fortified churches or local produce-tastings). All tours include lunch.

We require all participants to be able to trot and canter competently.

Each tour has its own specifics:

1. The Wine Trail is a one day ride in the saddle to Richiș, where we will visit the fortified church. Our guide is Her Schass, who will share all the legends of the church and the Cistercian monks who built it.

2. The Legendary Trail leads through centuries-old forests to Biertan, UNESCO site that holds the most important fortified church in the country: the former Seat of the Evangelic Bishop. We’ll have lunch surrounded by cavalry armours, visit the church, then go back to Apoș.

3. The Saxon Trail goes through wide meadows to Stejeriș, where a small Saxon community is still to be found. We’ll go up in the Speck Tour and taste speck, green onions, oven baked bread and the local brandy, while Mr. Misch will explain all about this old custom.

4. The Royal Trail goes to Mălâncrav, where HRH Prince Charles visits often. We’ll have lunch in a Saxon household and enjoy the specialties: plum pie and black currant syrup, then we’ll visit the Apafi Manor.

5. The Hartibaci Trail goes through two villages, crosses the narrow-gauge rail and reaches Alțâna, our destination. We’ll have a three-course meal at Stef’s Hay Barn, visit the Interethnic Museum of Hartibaci Valley and then back to Apoș.

6. The Green Trail crosses vast meadows and goes up mild hills to Copșa Mare, also UNESCO site. After lunch we’ll meet the priest, famous beekeeper and glass icon-painter, taste his honey and return to Apoș for a camp fire and the opportunity to make plans for the next holiday.