Sprint sled dog race

Competiție de sprint cu atelaje canine


The Băile Tușnad Cup – sprint sled dog race has been organized, since 2009, in a breathtaking landscape. Deep in the heart of snow-capped mountains, the mushers and their four-footed friends gather for this original competition.

The event takes place based on internationally decided competition categories, namely:

  • O – 9-dog harness (Siberian Husky);
  • A1 – 8-dog harness (Siberian Husky);
  • B1 – 6-dog harness (Siberian Husky);
  • C1 – 4-dog harness (Siberian Husky);
  • C2 – 4-dog harness (Alaskan Malamute and Samoyed);
  • D1 – 2-dog harness (Siberian Husky) and D2 (Alaskan Malamute).

Being a sprint race, the distances to be covered by the harnesses are of 10, 7.8 and 5.8 km, depending on the number of dogs in a harness. In this sport, these distances are not considered to be very long, but the route can be a technical one, riddled with challenges, for the dogs and for the mushers alike.

The organization of the competition depends on end-of-January snow thickness, and sometimes it cannot take place, due to improper conditions.

For the smooth running of the competition, its organizers appreciate the observance of simple rules, like:

  • Do not cross the marked routes between the stake out and the start lines, nor the actual competition route;
  • Befriend the dogs only with musher’s consent;
  • Do not bring your dog to the competition, or if you do, always keep it on a leash;
  • Do not feed the dogs;
  • Dress adequately;
  • Have a great time.


Website: www.sleddog.ro
Organized by: Asociația Green Zone
Date: 25 January
Type of event: Sports event




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