The Romanian Carpathians are the last bastion of large carnivores populations in Europe. Intact forest habitats and the low degree of anthropogenic fragmentation from the areas inhabited by large carnivores, made possible the coexistence in the Carpathians of 2,750 wolves, 6,000 brown bears and 1,800 lynx.

Join this tour for 7 days from spring to fall. Romanian Carpathians are offering excellent opportunities to observe, photograph and learn the ecology of large carnivores. The team that will guide you in this tour, is working since 2002 in research projects and conservation of large carnivores, so the success of a unique experience is guaranteed.

You will encounter large carnivores, either following their tracks, either from one of our wooden observatories with comfortable chairs, viewfinders for the camera and overnights beds, located in the Eastern Carpathians.

This is a unique experience, providing most of the times rewarding results.