The narrow gauge forest railway in Vișeu de Sus is a technical and cultural treasure. Steam locomotives still run on the railway, burning wood and coal. The CFF (“Forest Railway”) Vișeu de Sus has become known worldwide as the last active forest railway, still using steam locomotives.

The CFF Vișeu de Sus Travel Company Ltd., organises steam trains for tourists from May to October, following a predetermined timetable. In addition to regular trains, tourists can enjoy special events including a Maramureș Brunch, Full Moon trains, concerts of classical music and New Year’s Eve parties.

For railway enthusiasts we organise special photographic trains throughout the year. The duration and complexity of these can vary from a straightforward steam charter, to a complex program including an overnight in the Vaser Valley, a camp fire, catering services, and a traditional working timber train.

For larger groups we have prepared a comprehensive offer comprising a steam charter train, full catering service with open bar and entertainment. Such trips can be booked at any time of the year.